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DLH Petroli Italia is a subsidiary of DL Hudson Limited, UK. The company is a wholesale distributor of petroleum products, lubricants and related products in Italy.


With its operating offices in in Cosenza, Italy, the company reliably services over 700 clients across the state of Calabria,Italy.  Furthermore, DLH Petroli owns a fuel and lubricant storage facility in Rende, Italy to better service their clients.


DLH Petroli Italia has entrenched relationships with both suppliers and clients in the region, a reputation that is highly venerated for its operational efficiency, dependability and customer service. We provide a full onshore services from purchasing the product to on-ground logistics using our own fleet of custom built vehicles. This added value is paramount in our strategy to not only better serve the clients but to expand both our regional and national coverage.


The primary product portfolio is expansive and ranges from automotive fuels, bitumen, lubricants and additives etc.



The management of DLH Petroli Italia have a combined 40 years of experience in trading petroleum products across the region. The team’s knowledge and understanding of the provincial, regional and national markets is extensive. This is key in ensuring the risk is well mitigated and the clients are serviced on a timely basis.

The company’s near term strategy is to organically expand its distribution into neighbouring southern Italian states with the intent to cover the entire country.

The transformation of the energy market in the Italian market has been advantageous to DLH Petroli Italia and it is expected to have greater benefits in the future. From the introduction of environmental regulations and financial strength of it’s parent company, DLH Petroli Italia has been able to establish a formidable footprint in the market.

DLH PETROLI ITALIA has been nominated and authorised by the Italian Government to supply petroleum products to the Italian Army, Navy and Air Force.